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BlackBerry Messenger for BlackBerry 10 gets a possible first sighting, themes to fit that chatty lifestyle


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It was scarcely a day ago that we got a first peek at what could be the first BlackBerry 10 devices -- and now we're looking at what may be BlackBerry 10's cornerstone app, a reworked BlackBerry Messenger. As long as N4BB's details prove legitimate, the centerpiece of the app will be its theming: owners can customize the chat bubbles and backdrops to fit their finicky ways. Of course, this being an efficiency-obsessed RIM, the theming should also be integral to keeping power consumption to a minimum: the darker the colors, the less energy a BBM conversation demands from a future BlackBerry's big OLED screen. We don't know whether any changes will prove more than skin deep, although the switch to the QNX-based OS might prove enough at first. We'll know everything soon enough should of a September release for the first phone be more than just a feverish dream.

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