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Microsoft patents recording device to curb shortened attention spans


Time was, secretaries executive assistants were tasked with the chore of summing up a meeting's minutes so the less focused suits could play catch-up afterwards. Not so with this vision of the automated boardroom as put forth by a newly awarded Microsoft patent. Filed back in February of 2006, the doc outlines a computer-based method for recording live audio and video (including presentation slides), a system of monitoring a user's computer activity and tracking moments of attention loss. Sounds like Redmond's crafting an enterprise version of "gotcha!," but it's not so sinister. The proposed recorder would actually make recommendations based on the moments your focus drifted off, replete with full A/V playback and even the ability to hone in and amplify an individual speaker's voice. It's easy to see how this theoretic tech could wind up worming its way out of concrete towers and integrating into classrooms of the future (and even homes). For now, content yourself with the full-on legalese available at the source link below.

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