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San Diego school district purchases 26,000 iPads


San Diego Unified School District is improving its classroom technology by purchasing 26,000 iPads for use in its schools, according to San Diego's 10News. The iPads will cost the district US$15 million and is funded through Proposition S, a money reserve available to help schools purchase up-to-date technology. The iPads will be used by 5th grade, 8th-grade and high school students in 340 classrooms. This program is thought to be one of the largest deployments of iPads within a K-12 school district.

A smaller scale iPad pilot program just finished its first year in the Ashburnham-Westminster Regional School District in Massachusetts. In this pilot, 83 iPads were provided to all Kindergarten classrooms. A similar Kindergarten program was implemented in Auburn, Maine. Results from both programs are early, but encouraging.

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