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The Ville is latest from Zynga, spiritual successor to YoVille


Zynga's newest addition to the 'ville' family is The Ville. The company describes it as the "culmination of years of experience developing social games while delivering on innovation" in FarmVille, FrontierVille, CityVille, CastleVille, and YoVille.

The premise of The Ville is to build the home of your dreams and decorate it, preferably by spending real money on virtual goods. The game is also taking on the globe and will be available in 15 languages: English, Danish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and traditional Chinese.

"With The Ville, we're taking social to a whole new level," said Mark Skaggs, senior VP of product development at Zynga. "Your friends are active participants on your game board, and the interactions, relationships and choices you make together create a truly unique game experience."

Or just think of it as a browser-based multiplayer version of The Sims.

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Zynga's The Ville Lets You Live it Up with Your Friends in the Home of your Dreams

Zynga Reimagines its First 'ville' with its Most Social Game to Date

SAN FRANCISCO - June 26, 2012 - Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) the world's leading provider of social game services, today announced the global launch of The Ville, the company's most social game to date. Led by social games pioneer Mark Skaggs, The Ville gives players the chance to build the home of their dreams and enjoy it with friends. The game is built on the legacy of Zynga's 'ville' genre, and is a spiritual successor to YoVille, Zynga's first 'house and people' game.

"The Ville is the next step in Zynga's mission to connect the world through games. It's about creating a fun virtual world and making it easy for friends and family to play together," said Mark Skaggs, senior vice president of product development at Zynga. "With The Ville, we're taking social to a whole new level. Your friends are active participants on your game board, and the interactions, relationships and choices you make together create a truly unique game experience."

The Ville creates the opportunity for players to become the ultimate home designers and express themselves in the way they decorate their homes. Players advance by socializing with their friends' avatars and earning happiness through social activities like dancing together, sharing meals, watching TV, chilling in the hot tub or simply talking to each other. As players progress through the game, they unlock new decorations, social objects and advanced relationship interactions with their friends.

Building upon game and social mechanics from the most successful 'ville' games before it, The Ville is the culmination of years of Zynga's experience developing groundbreaking social games. The Ville features a range of unique social game mechanics, including:

· Multiple avatars: Throw a party and invite your friends to come visit all at once. Interacting with your friends at your house or their house is an exciting new feature. The more people you interact with the more happiness you obtain in the game. As you level up in the game you unlock new objects for your home, and by building relationships with other avatars you unlock new interactions.

· Cooking & Crafting: Bake food and eat it with your friends to speed your progress through the game or craft decorations for your home like floral bouquets. Missing an ingredient? Not to worry - just ask a friendly neighbor or grow it yourself.

· ZTalk: Leave fun comments on your friend's game board and share stories with this innovative message system. You can also catch up with what happened in The Ville while you were away.

· Check status: Seamlessly connect your virtual world in The Ville to your real world through your friend's avatars. Check your friend's Facebook status and leave messages on your friend's wall directly from the game.

· Player-generated content: Fully customize and name your avatar. Take photos of entertaining in-game moments and post them to your timeline to share them with friends.

· Neighborhood expansion: Grow your estate and expand your yard to build your dream home and create fun outdoor living spaces.

The Ville is free to play on Facebook at:, and it will be launching soon on

The game is available in 15 languages, including English, Danish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and traditional Chinese.

Game logo and images can be found here:

The Ville trailer can be viewed here:

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This press release contains forward-looking statements relating to, among other things, our launch of the Ville, upcoming features for the game, and the success of the Ville and our games generally. Our actual results could differ materially from those predicted or implied. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, changing interests of players, competition, our ability to launch new games in a timely manner and monetize these games, intellectual property disputes or other litigation, and changes in our corporate strategy or the Facebook platform.

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