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Zynga adding real-time multiplayer to its games, starting with Bubble Safari


Zynga is introducing real-time multiplayer to its games through, starting today with Bubble Safari. Booting up Bubble Safari allows players to enter a live match with four other people, friends and strangers alike. Each multiplayer match runs for 90 seconds, a time that can be easily changed in the backend, Zynga announced at its conference today.

Bubble Safari multiplayer will also incorporate in-game group chat.

Real-time multiplayer will be available in all games in the new Zynga With Friends network from here on out. This is not to be confused with the Zynga With Friends studio, formerly Newtoy, which produces titles such as Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends. The network has 290 million users and will soon replace on the web and mobile with more social features and an inbox function.

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