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New child-friendly Vinci Tab II 'M' is smaller, lighter, cheaper


If your Vinci II tablet was working out your children's arms, more than their minds, then fear not. The makers have just announced the arrival of a new, lighter "M" model. The 5-inch kiddie slate is compatible with the Vinci Curriculum and Kids library apps, and keeps the option for Parent Mode for when Dad wants to check the football scores via the Android-based OS. Designed for users kids on the go, the tablets can also be networked for some little-LAN action. It's still the same 1.2 GHz A8 Cortex running the show, but if you thought that smaller screen might mean more battery, then sadly you're mistaken, with the company's own website estimating just four hours of junior-fun -- half that of the larger version. That said, up for pre-order at $169 ($80 less than the 7-incher) maybe that's enough to soften the already rubberized blow.

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