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Tennessee drivers can use iPads to quickly renew drivers licenses


If you're a licensed driver in the state of Tennessee, don't be surprised if you see an iPad on your next visit to the local driver service center. Tennessee's Department of Safety and Homeland Security recently spent US$79,200 to install 72 iPad kiosks inside 26 of those service centers for the purpose of speeding up driver's license renewals.

The kiosks are called ASSETS (Automatic Self-Service Electronic Terminals) and are targeted for the service centers in high-population areas where waiting in line for a driver's license renewal has become an annoying issue.

Should you become bored waiting in line, you can use the kiosk to fill out a form and pay with a debit or credit card. You can change your home address and pay reinstatement fees, and the new license is available within minutes.

Tennesseans who wish to take advantage of the ASSETS can find the nearest location in this PDF document.

[via Mashable]

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