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The Dark Meadow dev releasing action game 'Horn' with Zynga


Phosphor Games, developer of the atmospheric The Dark Meadow, will launch its new game Horn with Zynga as publisher. Horn is a third-person action game that at first glance draws some inspiration from Team Ico games, but is said to be loosely based on the "Old English tales of King Horn."

Horn has been announced for iOS, but don't be surprised to see it make its way to other mobile platforms in time (it was just showcased on Google's Nexus 7 tablet today during a press conference). Play time is pegged at 10 hours, and will be paired with a soundtrack by Journey's Austin Wintory. There is currently neither a release date nor price.

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Horn is a revolutionary 3rd person action adventure game for mobile platforms - a completely unique experience where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures.
Inspired by the endearing character-based console games, HORN takes the richness of intricate worlds to explore, entertaining characters, thought provoking puzzles, the excitement of combat, and memorable extraordinary situations and brings them to mobile and makes them accessible for everyone to pick up and play.
Based loosely on the Old English tales of King Horn, you play as a young blacksmith's apprentice named Horn who wakes up to finds your village and lands over run by large fantastic, and sometimes humorous, monsters. It is revealed these creatures are actually the people and animals from your village transformed by a curse, and you alone have the power to free them. On your incredible adventure you carry the loud-mouthed head of one such fantastic creature with you - a somewhat uncooperative and ill-tempered but grudgingly helpful sidekick. Along with this new companion you must use your sword, crossbow, trusty musical horn, and wits to explore the lands, defeat the enemies, and solve puzzles in your quest to undo the curse that engulfs your homeland.
Horn features:
 Accessible controls that anyone can use- walking, jumping, slashing, even grapple hook, are all performed with intuitive gestures
 Freely navigable console-quality detailed world- go wherever you want; not confined to limited path or rail
 Story and characters that will surpass the best offerings on the platform
 Touch-friendly melee combat and crossbow style weapons
 "Pick up and play" objectives and challenges that allow for short and long gaming sessions
 3 unique and beautiful fantasy worlds to discover
 9 game levels with multiple challenges per level
 10 Hours of story missions, plus endlessly escalating challenge modes
 Hidden side content to discover
 Score written by award winning Austin Wintory ('Journey')

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