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The Secret World lowers UK sub fee, details pre-order access times [Updated]

Jef Reahard

It's two days and counting until The Secret World's early access period. As such, Funcom is ramping up the publicity in a number of spots around the web. First up is a new interview with creative director Ragnar Tornquist at Gamespot. He talks about the title's contemporary setting as well as the crunch of last-minute adjustments before the user floodgates open on Friday.

Gamespot is also showing a six-minute preview video of the Savage Coast, Transylvania, and Egypt, which we've embedded for you below after the break.

There have also been a couple of noteworthy updates on the official Secret World forums regarding the early release period. Firstly, Funcom notes that everyone who pre-ordered will get access on June 29th at noon EDT. However, early pre-orders and those who have purchased the Grand Master Pack will be able to log in "even earlier."

Finally, Funcom has dropped the monthly subscription fee "to make it more in line with pricing in Europe." The new number is £11.49 including VAT.

[Update: Funcom has also posted server names and designations for Friday's early access launch as well as an explanation for how the game's single-server technology will impact players. Thanks to Varrakys and Acidbaron for the tip!]

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