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WoW Moviewatch: How 2 BE Raps


All things must pass -- good things, bad things. There was a time in machinima when you couldn't swing a murloc without hitting a blood elf rapper. Oh, sure, not all WoW parody raps used blood elves, but it sure felt that way. So we called it belf rap. It's a thing. While plenty of folks loathed belf rap, that time has mostly come to an end. We don't see much belf rap nowadays.

In case you're not sure what it took to put together a good belf rap, let me remind you of Yumfries's classic deconstructionist piece on the genre: How 2 BE Raps. Gigi hasn't been around much, but she was definitely a defining part of the genre. We don't hear from Yumfries much nowadays, either, which is about as big a tragedy as I can imagine.

So this one's for my friend Yumfries and all those belf rappers still who've come before. Hope everyone's doing well.

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