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    Daily iPhone App: Squids Wild West brings back the Squids for tactical battle


    Squids was an excellent little strategy title that arrived last year on iOS, and since then, devs The Game Bakers have been working hard to update it, both with better-looking graphics and lots of different gameplay upgrades. Squids: Wild West arrived on the App Store just today, and it's a standalone expansion to the first game of sorts, with lots of new content, new mechanics, and new features to play with.

    The basic gameplay of Squids is essentially turn-based strategy. But it's been designed to be as accessible as possible, so instead of scary grids or lots of numbers, the combat is all physics-based: Just swipe back and let go to fire your little Squids around the battlefield. That mix of hardcore tactical combat with a very accessible interface makes things a whole lot of fun. And as the game goes along, you get more and more characters with more and more abilities added in, so that even a few stages in, you have plenty of options and various tactics to take the bad guys down.

    Squids: Wild West is also bursting with polish and charm. The Game Bakers have really gotten a great hold on what works and what doesn't on the iOS platform, and since they've basically made this game once before already, you can tell they're really on top of things here. Squids: Wild West is just 99 cents, and Squids is still just $1.99. One or both will make for a really great gaming experience.

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