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Eric Flannum talks Guild Wars 2 mechanics

We know you Guild Wars 2 fans are over the moon about the recently announced release date, but the news doesn't stop there! Eric Flannum, the game's lead designer, has just tackled some questions from Guild Wars 2 Junkies.

The interview took a good hard look at World vs World. To begin with, Flannum addresses concerns about people not being able to play WvW on busy servers during peak hours, saying that there's a queue for the center WvW map that players can enter while playing PvE or any of the Borderlands home maps. Additionally, for a short while around the game's launch, players will be able to transfer servers at a reduced fee, which will hopefully aid in the even spread of players across servers and help people find the WvW server that suits their style. He states that the current looting system for WvW is under review, with the goal of keeping WvW looting similar to that in PvE. In response to concerns about the travel time around WvW maps, Flannum points out that captured keeps can be upgraded with waypoints for quicker travel. He also highlights WvW-specific armor, achievements, and titles as character advancement options for WvW players.

A few other aspects of the game were covered as well. The question of allowing players to choose their starting weapons in character creation was brought up; Flannum says that's actually a part of the game at one point, but it was discarded once it was clear it gave newer players a disadvantage. He explains that some of the animation issues players complained about are due to bugs that will be fixed, while others are due to the fact that while transition animations are in place for switching directions, characters actually start moving immediately in the new direction as opposed to transitioning from one movement to another.

For all the little details, be sure to catch the full interview, complete with a teasing non-answer about whether or not we'll see the Sylvari or Asura in the last beta weekend.

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