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Star Wars: The Old Republic posts the newest community answers

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you looking forward to playing a Cathar in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Or are you looking forward to playing a different species? According to the latest round of community answers for the game, the Cathar might be one of many new species unlocked if they perform well once players get their hands on the new race. Certainly there are some other species that players are clamoring for as well, and the team is investigating other options.

The answers also go into the details regarding how a tiebreaker is determined in the game's Voidstar matches; a tie goes to whichever team cleared the most objectives in the least amount of time. If none of this round of answers puts your burning questions to rest, there's always hope for next week; head on over to the official question thread and post it for next week's questions.

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