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The Secret World community guide


Today marks the beginning of the end of the world -- you know, if you believed in that conspiracy theory stuff. And if you so happened to buy into all that, then you probably are pinning your hopes on a few stalwart souls to wedge themselves between you and the forces of the apocalypse.

Those brave people are beginning to wage war in The Secret World as of today (if they have early access and a copy of the necronomicon, of course). As per tradition here at Massively, we want to give everyone a fighting chance by putting as much information at your fingertips as possible. So presented for your approval is our community guide to TSW.

Because information is power -- now more than ever.

The Secret World community guide
The Secret World official site -- If you're looking for the latest news, where to purchase the game, or screenshots and videos, it doesn't get any more official than this!

The Secret World forums -- Chat with your fellow players and debate what's overpowered, what's been nerfed, and why this game is one giant conspiracy.

The Secret World community site -- Keep tabs on what bloggers, Tweeters, and podcasters are saying about this game!

The Secret World store -- If you're looking to buy directly from Funcom, this is the place. Be sure to read the fine print.

Funcom news -- Funcom keeps all of its official press statements and releases here for those who want to get the official word.

Funcom YouTube channel
-- Stay up to date with all the latest Funcom videos, including those from The Secret World.

GeForce PC readiness check -- Run a quick diagnostic on GeForce's site to see whether your computer can handle TSW's requirements.

The Secret World community guide
The Secret War podcast -- The folks at MMO Reporter put out an entertaining if sporadic show.

CGN: The Secret World -- A very slick site devoted to news and guides about the secret war.

Uncovered podcast -- A podcast hosted by the crew at CGN.

The Secret World Blog -- This hasn't been updated since mid-May, but it's got a nice backlog of posts and guides to go through.

The Kingsmouth Current -- A virtual newspaper set in TSW's universe. Quite entertaining!

Doc Holiday's MMO Saloon -- A general MMO blogger who's very taken with this title.

The Hydra Initiative -- A fansite and podcast rolled into one. A great one-stop-shopping source for information about TSW. -- A snazzy blog with a background that may well hypnotize you if you look at it for too long.

The Secret World Guides -- Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, so don't feel ashamed about mining this site for that assistance.

The Secret World community guide
The Secret World Wiki -- Need a clue for an investigation mission? Looking for details on a particular skill? Want to bone up on lore? This is where you go.

The Secret World on Wikipedia -- Just in case you're doing a lazy research paper on this game for class.

The Secret World community guide
The Secret World Facebook page -- Do you like The Secret World? Then why not show the world you support it on the most popular social networking site?

The Secret World on Twitter -- Breaking news and promotions always come out on Twitter before anything else, so it's good to keep tabs on TSW's.

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