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World of Goo, Henry Hatsworth devs announce next game: Little Inferno


Little Inferno is the next game from Tomorrow Corporation, the development team made up of World of Goo's Kyle Gabler, Henry Hatsworth's Kyle Gray, and World of Goo Wii programmer Allan Blomquist.

All we know at this point is the title (with accompanying, adorable logo), and that the team has been "locked away" working on it "for what seems like a very long time." We'll soon learn more, as TC promises to post frequent development updates on its site, followed by a multiplatform release "by this winter."

"We've been quiet about this game so far to avoid being another lost adorable indie game that never materializes," Kyle Gabler explained in a blog post. "but now we're almost done!"

[Thanks, Tyronelab]

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