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Breakfast Topic: Where in Azeroth is the worst place to live?


So the deal is I'm in the process of moving right now, away from the flood-stricken, cold northland of Fargo, North Dakota, down to the cold southland of Minneapolis, Minnesota. For those of us from the area, we know there is a difference, but for all the rest of you who just go "Oh hey! A Woodchipper, you bet'cha!" trust me -- there's huge difference. One is freeze-your-nose-hairs-off cold, and the other is freeze-your-left-leg-off cold.

Anyway, all this packing got me to thinking: Where's the worst place in Azeroth to live?

I'd think it'd probably be Sholazar Basin, a far-off place that's infested with bugs and reptiles -- not exactly the friendliest area to live, and quite far out there from civilization. A close second would have to be The Barrens. Some guy named Chuck has really just destroyed the land, to the point that no one wants to live under his constant stupid jokes laws.

Where wouldn't you want to live? And don't say Firelands -- Anne already demonstrated why that's a terrible place.

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