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Ex-Xbox Live security guy, Stephen Toulouse, joins GAEMS


Stephen Toulouse, former director of Xbox Live policy and enforcement, is gearing up to join GAEMS, a third-party peripheral developer focused on hardcore, high-quality mobile accessories for console gamers. Toulouse is now director of operations and product management for GAEMS, based in Redmond, Washington.

In his announcement post, Toulouse cites the g155 system – an Xbox 360 or PS3 Slim travel case – as a major draw for him to join the GAEMS team.

"I dearly wished for something like the g155 to make that gaming experience portable," Toulouse writes. "As I was looking at various opportunities, working on a product that I believe in was paramount in my mind.

"So for the first time I'm joining a startup company which gives me a chance not only to apply my skills in a new environment, but also to learn a metric ton about how the gaming hardware business works. (I was never really plugged into the hardware manufacturing side of Xbox). Those are really the key reasons for taking another job: getting a whole lot of new experience, and working on something I like myself."

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