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Google offers to settle with EU over antitrust gripes, olive branch now fully extended


Google knows that there's a looming EU antitrust lawsuit if it doesn't volunteer some kind of change to its search practices, so it's not entirely surprising that chairman Eric Schmidt has sent a letter offering a settlement to the European Commission's competition chief Joaquin Almunia. The details of just what that potential truce entails are under wraps, although Almunia has long broadcast his concerns that Google might be unfairly favoring its own services above those of others -- he'd be most happy if the results were more organic. It's hard to say whether or not Google is prepared to follow along, but a peace gesture is a sharp break from the company's previously firm view that there's no need to change. We wouldn't be surprised if the EU's recent success in fining Microsoft has left Google hesitant to take its chances in court.

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