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Mighty Switch Force going HD as a Wii U download


WayForward's Mighty Switch Force is making the mighty switch to Wii U, according to the latest issue of Nintendo Power (preview here). Mighty Switch Force HD is the same game released on 3DS – with the bonus levels added in a recent update – but remade and redrawn in high resolution for the Wii U's HD output.

The WiiPad will be used to display the location of each of the fugitives you're hunting down, just as the touchscreen does on the 3DS version. "When roaming without a TV," WayForward creative director Matt Bozon told Nintendo Power, "a smaller onscreen compass points the way. While this is admittedly not a groundbreaking use of the second screen, it does give the player a few very handy options."

Here it is: the very first 3DS to Wii U remake. We expect to see plenty of these in the future.

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