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Design firm's video offers a glimpse of the touchscreen webOS phone that never was


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Well, it looks like there's still a few surprises left from HP's brief foray into webOS hardware. As webOS Nation has discovered, the design firm Transparent House posted a brief clip of a device described as "WindsorNot" some eight months ago, which is very clearly a touchscreen-only webOS smartphone. As the site notes, that appears to be the very same device that had previously turned up in leaked photos under the codename "Stingray," and it estimates that the phone has the same 3.6-inch screen as the Pre 3. Details are scarce beyond that, but you can get a good look at what might have been in the video after the break -- not to mention yet another look at the unreleased TouchPad Go (a.k.a. Opal) on Transparent House's Vimeo page linked below.

Update: Looks like this one is remaining elusive. The video has now unfortunately been pulled.

Update 2: We've removed the still from the video at the request of Transparent House. The image above is the previously leaked photo of the device.

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