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iFixit application brings its repair manuals to Android, lets you fix it to your liking


Within the past few weeks alone, we've spotted the cautious hands of the folks over at iFixit dive very carefully into that Retina-friendly MacBook Pro, the other MBP and, naturally, Apple's ultrathin MacBook Air. Oh, and how could we forget Google's newest slate, the Jelly Bean-loaded Nexus 7. Luckily for you, if you're a die-hard fan of all those fancy teardowns and guides, now you'll have an easier place to browse your way through them in their entirety; thanks to the site's recently launched Android application. Even better, however, the app's an open source one, allowing users to tinker with it and add any enhancements they deem necessary. The iFixit: Repair Manual application, as it's simply dubbed, is up for grabs now at no charge from the Google Play store -- link for that is just down below.

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