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Netgear's R6200 802.11ac router visits the FCC


A router, is a router, is a router, right? Well, things get a little bit more interesting when they're of the 802.11ac variety at least. Netgear's R6200 won't sit at the top of its WiFi heap when it hits shelves, but the 1,200Mbps dual band offering will be nothing to sneeze at. And, best of all, it's almost here... we think. When it was announced in mid May we were given a vague Q3 shipping date. As we enter the third quarter, Uncle Sam has given the wireless base station a stamp of approval, moving it one step closer to a spot in your home. Unfortunately, the FCC filing doesn't reveal any surprises or even a nifty tear down but, if you're wondering just how much radiation it'll be pumping through your airwaves, check out the source.

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