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Pirate101 to harness 'the Pixar effect' for a multi-generational audience

MJ Guthrie

What do you do when hard-core gamers start having families? If you are KingsIsle Entertainment, the makers of Wizard101, you don't worry about gamers leaving the market; instead, you harness "the Pixar effect" and make a game that will bring all generations together to interact and play in the same world. That game is the upcoming Pirate101.

What is the Pixar effect? KingsIsle VP of Marketing Fred Howard points to the success of the Pixar movies like Toy Story and explains, "They were successful because not only do they cater to what would be a younger core audience but very much to an adult and more mature audience." Pirate101 will incorporate elements that will appeal to the different generations, including a good story, professional voice acting, and turn-based combat to equalize the playing field. And be on the lookout for various references and puns when Pirate101 launches later this year.

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