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Tornquist: The Secret World's combat 'radically different' [Updated]

Jef Reahard

The Secret World creative director Ragnar Tornquist recently checked in with Rock, Paper Shotgun for a post-launch interview. The first half of the piece offers up some interesting commentary on the state of MMOs, non-combat gameplay, and inevitable comparisons to the genre standard.

"Have we been traditional in some ways? Sure," Tornquist says. "But I think those who say that our combat is like WoW's combat, they really haven't gotten beyond the surface. At the beginning maybe it feels like that. But if you play for 12, 15, 20 hours, it's quite clear that it's radically different."

Tornquist also muses on non-combat gameplay, of which TSW has a fair amount. In a nutshell, though, conflict is what drives games, and so combat will always be a primary focus. "I think solving puzzles all the time, it's not going to last hundreds of hours. I think people would get bored a lot quicker," he says.

[Update]: RPS has finally posted the second portion of the interview which talks about quest design and TSW's business model.

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