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ArcheAge seeks info on Western demographics with survey

MJ Guthrie

For sandbox fans in the Western part of the globe, watching the development of ArcheAge is a bittersweet experience: sweet that a game with so many coveted features is being developed, but bitter that the game is only launching in the East for now. But XL Games has indicated that a Western launch is not so much an "if" as a "when." With that in mind, the fan site ArcheAge Source is seeking fan opinion and information on North American and European demographics through an unofficial survey posted on Facebook. (No Facebook account is needed to take the survey.)

The information garnered from responses may be used to shape decisions concerning ArcheAge in the NA and EU markets, but it is mostly for the fan site "to have some statistics to show at Gamescom 2012 and whenever else we have need for them."

[Thanks to Halldorr for the tip!]

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