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Apple removes negative reviews from apps affected by DRM bug (updated)

Update: Marco Arment says that it appears that Apple did a reupdate of the affected apps. By doing this, he says Apple ensured that customers would not lose data by being forced to delete apps off their devices. Instead, the fixes showed up as updates. It also reset the reviews.

In a good move that helps developers, Apple has eradicated the negative reviews from apps affected by the DRM bug, Macworld reports, with a subsequent article from MacStories relaying that the affected apps had the negative reviews removed.

Originally reported by Instapaper's Marco Arment, the DRM bug affected iOS and Mac App Store software that was updated over the 4th of July holiday. Apple responded to the issue late Thursday.

If you are one of the developers whose app was affected by the bug and haven't had the negative reviews removed, be sure to get in touch with Apple. For readers who might still have the buggy apps, be sure to back up your data and reinstall the affected app.*

*Apple's "sidegrade" updates should eliminate the need to delete the app and reinstall it. Therefore, just check the App Store for updates and install them.

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