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Molyneux's first 22 Cans experiment Curiosity hits iOS, Android and PC August 22


We were introduced to Curiosity back during E3, and come August 22, everyone will have their chance to try Peter Molyneux's first 22 Cans experiment. Molyneux revealed the Curiosity launch date during PC and indie games conference Rezzed, in Brighton, England.

At the core of Curiosity is a secret, one that Molyneux says "is so valuable, and so life-changingly important," as reported by Eurogamer. "It's so amazing I think it will appear on news reports."

Back in March, Fable series creator and longtime Microsoft man Peter Molyneux left subsidiary studio Lionhead Studios. Soon after, he announced his new studio 22 Cans, which proposes to create 22 different digital "experiments" precluding the studio's masterpiece.

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