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SWTOR podcast discusses operations design philosophy


Switch on the old Victrola because the BioWare DJs are back with the second episode of the official Star Wars: The Old Republic podcast. The podcasters chat with the devs about their daily routine, operations design philosophy, nightmare mode, and legacy perks.

Lead Flashpoints and Operations Designer Jesse Sky says that the design process of operations is organic and flows from a central idea: "Yeah we often just start with the theme, develop from there. One of the big things we try to do is differentiate the combat from the rest of the game. You're dealing with eight or 16 players at once; it's got a very different feel from most of the Star Wars-type combat in the game. You often fight humanoids in the rest of the game; we're often fighting big creatures and droids. And so a lot of the development centers around making that fun."

It's a meaty podcast that can be enjoyed in several different ways, from reading the transcript to listening to it on YouTube. Give it a listen and see if you don't hear a few teasers for upcoming content!

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