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WoW Moviewatch: If WoW Was Real


All right, Slightly Impressive! Now we're getting somewhere! If WoW Was Real has a hilarious concept, much stronger execution than we've seen before, and a full-on, earnest love of the joke. We're talking night-and-day better here. Slightly Impressive is definitely starting to step up the game.

The voice acting is much stronger. It sounded like a couple of folks might have a plastic cup over their microphones or something, but the higher voltage voice acting definitely improves the video. I'd take a look at how you frame group shots, though. While I get why you cut from character to character, it'd help to have an establishing shot of the group standing together.

And before the comments explode, I'm assuming it's If WoW Was Real and not If WoW Were Real on purpose, all right? And besides, you know what they say about getting into grammar fights on the internet.

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