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PSA: Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ up for sale again at Google Play store (update: now shipping in '1-2 weeks')

Joe Pollicino

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And just like that it's back. Following a yesterday's temporary stay of the ban on Google's HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus by Judge Koh, the soon-to-be Jelly Bean-loaded device is again up for sale at the Play store -- and a bit earlier than expected. If you'll recall, Google notes that Android 4.1 apparently mitigates the issues brought up within the dispute by Apple, which has until July 12th to issue a response on the matter. Orders are slated to ship in "two to three weeks," (see the update below) so we'd suggest you grab one quick while it's fresh and tasty to ensure your taste buds get the latest Android sugar fix.

Update: Well that was quick. Just a few hours after going up for sale, the shipping estimate has been reduced from ''two to three weeks'' to ''one to two weeks.'' It's so close you can almost taste it.

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