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Edmund McMillen game collection escapes the basement in August, finds solace on Steam


Before he made a game about a boy with no skin and a fetus with a monocle, Edmund McMillen of Team Meat created a game about a young emo boy and his interplanetary adventures, one about a lonely man traveling through time and another about puking, along with a few others. Eight of these titles will be available on Steam in late August as a bundle called The Basement Collection, for $4.

The Basement Collection will include Time Fcuk, Aether, Spewer, Grey Matter, Meat Boy (flash prototype), Triachnid and a locked, secret title updated with new content, soundtrack, difficulty modes and achievements. Each game will come with bonus content such as development sketches and early prototypes, and The Basement Collection will feature four "very large bonus unlockables that should make fans of my work quite happy," McMillen writes.

The Basement Collection will also come with a free soundtrack with bonus indie remixes. Try out (i.e. "play") all of these titles for free via McMillen's Newgrounds page now, if you can spare a moment for puketastic, interstellar, time-traveling fun.

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