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TERA guild farms itself for political gain, playerbase outraged

Jef Reahard

So there's a bit of an uproar ongoing in the lands of Arborea at the moment. No, it has nothing to do with skimpy armor, Elin, or whether or not "action" combat is in fact new to MMOs.

TERA's endgame political system features something called a Vanarch, which is basically a player-elected representative. Vanarchs can impose taxes, toggle PvP on or off, and generally meddle in the affairs of other players in ways that are strictly off-limits in most themepark MMOs.

En Masse recently adjusted the system to allow Vanarchs to rise to power through guild-vs.-guild combat. In doing so, it cleared the way for mega-guilds to split in two and farm their way to political office. As you might expect, players on the outside of said guilds are none too happy about it and are allegedly receiving conflicting information from the support staff as to whether or not taking advantage of this game mechanic is considered an exploit. We'll keep you updated in case the company takes a more official position on the matter, but for now, you can head to the official forums for all the fallout.

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