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4D technology coming to 200 US cinemas to help you feel and smell the action


Booming 64-track soundtrack at the cinema making you yawn? Already jaded about 4K , 3D and high frame-rates? If so, a company called CJ Group out of Korea may be able to blast you from your stupor -- it's bringing so-called 4D to nearly 200 theaters stateside. That extra 'D' won't let you warp spacetime, but instead will bring your other senses into play with seats that move and thump, smells from things like flowers or gunpowder, and artificial wind, rain and lightening. All that extra stimulation could bump the freight of a seat by around eight bucks, and movie house owners will need to shell out half of the $2 million cost to retrofit each salon. But CJ Group claims it's been hugely popular in markets like Asia and Mexico, so theaters there have quickly recouped the cost. Of course, you wouldn't want all that strang and durm on certain films, but lots of cinematic squealers could use a good dose of extra lipstick.

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