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    Daily iPad App: Juicy Math is a fruity way to learn addition and subtraction


    It's difficult teaching young children to add and subtract. The task is repetitious and most kids have very short attention spans. To help make this activity more enjoyable, parents might want to take a closer look at Juicy Math from Popapp factory.

    Juicy Math is a learning app for younger elementary students that'll drill them on basic single-digit addition and subtraction. The app uses pleasantly colored fruit in bunches to represent each number in a math statement and a number tile to represent the answer. The number tiles are laid out in a pile and the child must drag the correct number to answer the math statement.

    The app requires children to answer the question correctly before moving on, but each quiz only has three problems so younger children won't be overwhelmed by the task at hand. The app keeps track of the time your child spends with the app as well as the number they answer correctly. Juicy Math doesn't support profiles which means its geared for one child. You can use the app with multiple children, but it will throw off the statistics.

    Juicy Math is an excellent app for teaching your children their basic math skills. The UI is simple and colorful which makes it great for the younger set. Juicy Math is available for 99-cents from the iOS App Store.

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