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Nokia: it 'won't be long' before Verizon gets its due, and we'll have more gear in the fall


Most talk of a Nokia Lumia for Verizon has been relegated to small-scale rumors and incidental CDMA references. Nokia's Worldwide Developer Relations head Richard Kerris has rather suddenly brought the elusive subject into focus through an interview: he tells Neowin that it "won't be long" before the can-you-hear-me-now network gets a taste of an experience that has previously been limited to the GSM side of the US telecom world, like AT&T and T-Mobile. We're not getting a roadmap for any Verizon devices just yet, to no one's surprise, but Kerris is more than willing to share when we can expect the next wave of Nokia devices. We should expect a refresh of the line sometime in the fall, and whatever's arriving in the spring will purportedly be good enough to have people "climbing over themselves" to get it -- just in case Nokia's role as a Windows Phone 8 partner for the fall launch and beyond wasn't clear enough. The question-and-answer session touches on a handful of other subjects, including a hint that the near-mythical Windows Phone with PureView may be a bit closer to reality, so click on through if you'd like a peek at where the Lumia is headed next.

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