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Twitter for iOS 4.3 gets early teases from Twitter itself and the App Store, promises gobs of in-tweet content


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Twitter has been making a push for expanded tweets in mobile, and there's now some very strong indications that its native apps' tweets will get extra-stuffed in the near future. Some skulking around the future App Store layout from 9to5 Mac reader Sonny Dickson has shown an as yet unreleased Twitter 4.3 release carrying "more interactive experiences" for links within certain posts -- in other words, expect a multimedia extravaganza if a friend really digs that New York Times article. Notifications should also get a much-needed refinement through an end to overly aggressive alerts in-app while bringing in selective, by-user notifications to find out when Mark Zuckerberg finally posts again. While Twitter has stayed mostly hush-hush on the update, the company's own corporate development VP Kevin Thau couldn't contain himself: his attempt to one-up Facebook this weekend showed a slightly redesigned iOS app that most certainly isn't sitting on our own devices. Controversies from The Next Web over the update's identification of third-party apps notwithstanding -- we don't know if it's intentional -- all signs point to Twitter on iOS (and no doubt Android) getting a tune-up before long.

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