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Anarchy Online gearing up for more major updates in July

Eliot Lefebvre

Anarchy Online is still going strong several years after release, due in no small part to several rolling upgrades from the development team. The latest monthly developer update makes it clear that the team is nearly done with another major update -- after spending April through June getting the existing game to work with a new game engine, the task of getting art assets lined up and working is underway for July.

But it's more than just a new engine on the way. The developers are actively looking at making the new player experience more engaging and accessible, as well as looking to roll out further improvements to the game's market system. The procedure for server migration of organization-run cities is also covered, with some vague statements about the land previously reserved for non-instanced cities. If you're a stalwart player of Anarchy Online, there's plenty of interest within the latest update, even if it's not quite on deck just yet.

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