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Blizzard introduces guild mentoring program


Blizzard today introduced the guild mentoring program, a new initiative aimed at getting new players involved with a guild. On select realms, one guild of each faction will become a mentoring guild, getting its name changed temporarily and helping usher in new players to all the fun that is WoW guilds.

The program isn't very widespread, existing only on 14 US realms and 13 EU realms at the moment. There are lots of details of the program that are important to those looking to get involved in this.

Overall, this should be a nice way for Blizzard to not only encourage new players to find a virtual home, but for the veterans of us to extend a helping hand in a very warm, friendly, and Blizzard-backed way. It'll be interesting to see what effect this has in the long term!

Check out the full blue post, including a list of EU and US realms, and an FAQ, after the break.

Introducing the Guild Mentoring Program
Azeroth -- It's a land of turmoil, harsh and unyielding for heroes of the Horde and the Alliance as they struggle against enemies from within and without. For those stepping forth for the first time into this implacable realm, life can seem overwhelming, but surviving in this hostile environment is not insurmountable with a little help. Will your band of brothers and sisters, heroes and mentors, heed your call for aid?


Azeroth needs more heroes to rise through the ranks and your guild can help. We're looking for a few good guilds to volunteer for the new Guild Mentoring Program. Guilds participating in the program will take part in identifying new players within selected realms, offering to invite them into the guild, and teaching them the ways of Azeroth as they level and reach the end game content.


Q. What is the Guild Mentoring Program?
A. The guild mentoring program identifies guilds on select realms to act as mentors for new and low level players (below level 85).

Q. How long does the Guild Mentoring Program run for?
A. The Guild Mentoring Program will run for a period of three months from the time that guilds are selected and notified.

Q. Is there a certain criteria for being selected as a mentoring guild?
A. Guilds must meet certain criteria to be considered for the Guild Mentoring Program:
  • Guilds must be located on one of the selected realms.
  • They must be willing to commit to the program for a three month period.
  • They must be willing to change their name for the three month Guild Mentoring participation period. (Names will be changed back at the end of the program.)
  • Guilds must be at least level 6 and have an active membership.
Q. How many guilds will be recruiting per realm?
A. Only one guild will be selected per faction on each realm.

Q. What does my guild need to do to volunteer?
A. The guild leader will need to submit an application to with the following information:
  • Current guild name and guild leader name
  • Current realm and faction of the applying guild
  • Current guild level and number of guild members
  • Guild leader's real name and phone number (this information will not be published and is for internal use only)
  • Brief description of the Mentoring Guild
Q. How long are you accepting applications for?
A. We will be accepting applications for two weeks. We will then select a guild for the Guild Mentoring Program from those that meet the criteria and contact the guild leader.

Q. On what realms will this program be available?
A. Mentoring guilds will be chosen for the following realms:

US Realms
  • Aggramar
  • Azuremist
  • Blackhand
  • Cenarius
  • Dalaran
  • Dath'Remar
  • Doomhammer
  • Garona
  • Garrosh
  • Ravencrest
  • Saurfang
  • Sen'jin
  • Shu'halo
  • Ysera

EU Realms

  • Thunderhorn
  • Azuremyst
  • Lightbringer
  • Aggramar
  • Stormrage
  • Aszune
  • Thrall
  • Alleria
  • Dalaran
  • Malygos
  • Eversong
  • Arygos
  • Hyjal

Q. Do participating guilds get anything special?
A. Some of the benefits for taking part in the program include:

  • MVP status on the forums for the guild leader and recruitment officer
  • Guild member private forum access
  • Recognition for your guild as being participants in the program

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