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Bollywood music hit Dhingana launches dynamic adaptive streaming on iOS

India's leading on-demand music service Dhungana has updated its iOS app to be the first app outside of the US that offers Apple's dynamic adaptive streaming for music playback. As we told you about last February, Apple's dynamic adaptive streaming allows mobile users to access their streaming music in a less bandwidth-intensive manner. For example, those with fast Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections would hear their streaming music in high-quality stereo while those with slower 2G or EDGE connections would hear their streaming audio in mono. The exciting thing here is that no matter what your mobile data speed is, you'll still be able to hear your streaming audio uninterrupted and without having to manually adjust any settings yourself.

Along with dynamic adaptive streaming, the company also announced today that it has more than 2 million mobile users, of which 56% are in the US and Europe. US users alone stream more than 30 million minutes of Bollywood and Indian Pop music per month. When all countries are combined Dhungana's users stream over 60 million minutes per month.

The Dhingana app is a free download and it's universal -- so it works both on iPhone and iPad. If you're bored listening to the same tunes you hear on the radio day in an day out, give Dhingana a try. It's a great way to discover new music and now with its dynamic adaptive streaming you'll never miss a beat.

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