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Max Payne 3 'Cheater Pool' is live, don't get stuck in it


The Max Payne 3 Cheater Pool launches today, quarantining anyone confirmed to be using hacked saves, modded games or any other cheats into one, isolated playlist where they can't pick on honest players.

If you've cheated and are worried about ending up in the Cheater Pool, first of all: Good, that means the system is working. Second, you'll know if you've been caught if you consistently end up in empty lobbies or matched up with games full of other cheaters. If you genuinely haven't cheated and have somehow ended up in the Cheater Pool, you can email Rockstar support at the address found on the Cheater Pool FAQ. It's unlikely, Rockstar says, since it manually reviews each Banhammer report and only takes action if there is clear evidence of cheating.

Happy gaming to all, and to all cheaters good night.

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