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Sony's upcoming ST26i smartphone could hit the market under Xperia J name


As is often the case, once you make your first unannounced, unexpected appearance, more are likely soon to follow -- and that's what's happening with Sony's forthcoming slab, the codenamed ST26i. Unlike last time we saw it in most of its glory, though, now it's only showing up in full text mode, revealing what could be its official moniker once it finally launches. According to a leaked doc acquired by the folks from Xperia Blog, Sony's purported 4-inch handset could snatch up the Xperia J nametag after making the transition from the more subtle and discrete ST26i title. Unfortunately, no other fruitful details were revealed in the process, but something tells us now it's only a matter of time before this ICS-filled Xperia J gets past its rumor phase and becomes something more concrete.

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