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The Daily Grind: Are you a theory-crafter?

Jef Reahard

God bless MMO theory-crafters. They've saved me so much time and irritation over the years that I can't possibly overstate my gratitude. Did you know there are guys (and gals) out there who literally log into MMO test servers and spend precious hours poking at combos, abilities, builds, and strategies? Did you know that they typically chart their results, publish spreadsheets, and then write exhaustive guides about how to get the most from your game/class of choice?

Prior to a couple of weeks ago, this mindset was utterly alien to me, and the work itself sounded quite like the statistics classes I slept through in school. With the release of The Secret World, though, I find myself actually doing these things. Funcom's skill- and ability-point systems are incredibly dense, and figuring out build synergies adds another layer of satisfaction onto the game. What about you, morning folk? Do you just look up builds and strategies in your MMO of choice, or are you a theory-crafter?

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