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Twitter for Android, iOS expands those Kickstarter tweets, becomes sensitive to our notification needs


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That was fast. Just days after Twitter 4.3 had its details prematurely spilled all over the Internet, it's now raring to go for both Android (as version 3.3) and iOS users. Like we'd seen in early release notes, its focus is on expanding tweets to provide a glimpse at content when linking beyond just photos. Along with showing snippets from news outlets such as C-SPAN, Twitter's app now teases content from Etsy, Kickstarter and Vimeo, among others -- just in case you'd like to know whether that upcoming game console is worth funding at a glance. Notifications are getting their own promised boost and can send an alert whenever certain Twitter accounts post any kind of update. The improved search autocomplete shows its face as well, and iOS users get a more advanced layout for tracking hashtags during live events. Users with other smartphone platforms will have to wait for the 4.3 feature set to filter through to their devices, but if you're of an Apple or Google bent, one of Twitter's bigger updates of recent memory is already headed your way.

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