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BioWare-Mythic says F2P is the 'democratization of game prices'

Jef Reahard

What's this, another studio bigwig has said that microtransactions are the consumer-friendly way of the future? We're positively shocked!

This time around, the refrain was sung by BioWare-Mythic vice president Eugene Evans. The occasion was the Develop conference in Brighton, where Evans also opined that cheaper needs to be better. "The lower the price, the better your product needs to be, especially if it's going to stand out. Any notion of pay-to-win means we've done a bad job of it," Evans said.

He also touched on the challenges developers will face as the current console generation gives way to the next. Gamers are already part of large communities connected to their current hardware, he says, and the company that best manages a large-scale community migration from one platform to the next will be "the most successful," according to Evans.

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