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Dropbox doubles storage on Pro plans -- for free


Dropbox users who have one of the Dropbox Pro 50 or 100 GB plans woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning -- they now have double the storage space in the cloud and didn't have to pay a cent more.

According to a post last night on the Dropbox blog, they've been getting requests for bigger Dropboxes since Day One. The biggest request has been for extra space for photos and videos. I don't know about other Dropbox users, but when the company started making it possible for photos to be automatically uploaded from cameras and phones, I started worrying about taking up all of my Dropbox space overnight.

Not to worry! Now those who had 50 GB have 100 GB of space to play with, and the 100 GB folks have 200 GB of storage to stretch out in. Dropbox is also adding a new 500 GB plan for those with super-sized needs. If you need all of that space, you'll be paying $49.99 a month or $499.00 per year.

The 100 GB plan is available for $9.99 per month (or $100 annually), while the 200 GB plan can be yours for $19.99 per month ($200 annually).

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