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Get early access to Little Inferno beta by pre-ordering


Tomorrow Corporation's Little Inferno – whose catchy, macabre trailer we've included above – will be released officially sometime this holiday season. But you can pay $15 (or more, if you choose) now via a widget on the official website, in order to secure access to a beta version before it's released. "The Windows beta versions will be first, since we are developing the game on Windows," TC notes. "You are still welcome to sign up if you require Mac or Linux, but we do not yet know when we will have those versions ready for testing."

The beta build of the game is not ready yet, but pre-ordering will give you a "small preview of the soundtrack." Beta access will be rolled out "in small batches," in an order determined primarily by the order in which pre-orders are received, along with various testing-related parameters. "Depending on the number of signups, we cannot guarantee a beta seat for everyone," the developer warns.

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