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HTC EVO 4G LTE software update begins rollout today, exterminates the bugs


Sprint's EVO 4G LTE has seen all sorts of setbacks and obstacles since its official announcement -- a customs roadblock and the lack of a live LTE network, most notably. Regardless, it's the flagship of choice on the Hesse-led carrier's lineup and, as any subscriber that's opted in for the device can vouch, an inherently buggy one, at that. To remedy that slew of software inconsistencies, a firmware update's begun rolling out today, bringing with it much needed fixes for WiFi connection issues, security and Google Wallet, amongst others. Aggrieved users can manually pull the patch now by navigating to the handset's settings menu and checking for it there or simply sit back and wait for the system update to make an inevitable appearance. Toes crossed this OTA release squashes that bothersome software infestation for good.

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