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Insert Coin: Cardboard Robot brings craning, plucking and learning with a dash of whimsey (video)


In Insert Coin, we look at an exciting new tech project that requires funding before it can hit production. If you'd like to pitch a project, please send us a tip with "Insert Coin" as the subject line.

Cardboard Robot has lowered it's crane claw boom on all the Kickstarter money business, and said "Hey, let's have a little fun here, too." It's a robotic arm kit consisting of four stepper motors, a controller, USB computer connection, and a structure made from corrugated cardboard with a claw or smartphone camera mount. While able to pick up small objects like socks and stuffed animals or crane a smartphone around, the fanciful bot's main function seems to be the fun of piecing it together, with its pliable surface also safer for working with kids. To that end, the mech's maker said that not only would it be easy to build, but the source code would be included for tweaking and with every $3k raised, one of the kits would be donated to a US school. So, if you want your own carton-y bot arm kit for learning and light plush toy duty (assembly required), the minimum pledge is $175 -- check the Kickstarter source to see how to pony up, or the video after the break.

Previous project update: There's 36 days left on the Kickstarter clock for the GameDock, and it's raised about $23,000 towards its $50K goal.

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