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Mists of Pandaria Beta: Reputation rewards for the Golden Lotus

Anne Stickney

Reputation rewards were added to the Mists of Pandaria beta recently, and while not all of the assorted reputations were added, most have items available for purchase. The Golden Lotus is the main faction behind the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and players will obtain reputation through dailies in and around the Vale itself. The Golden Lotus offer a wide assortment of rings and armor, as well as the gorgeous crane mounts that were datamined some time ago.

Although some rewards like the mounts are purchased with gold, most reputation rewards are now purchased with valor points, which you can obtain through doing dungeons, raids and dailies as well. And for an interesting cool factor you can also pick up the Mogu Rune of Paralysis once you're honored with the Golden Lotus -- an item that will place a rune on the ground for a minute, stunning any creature that enters it for 4 seconds.

For a look at everything the Golden Lotus has to offer, check out our full gallery below. And remember, prices and point values are not finalized until the game is released.

Gallery: Mists of Pandaria Beta: Golden Lotus reputation rewards | 18 Photos

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