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NYC launches free public WiFi trial, links it to skeevy payphones


Free public WiFi may be the sort of thing you automatically associate with Starbucks, but starting today, you'll be able to add NYC payphones to that short list. The city's pilot program, just officially launched, aims to spread gratis wireless service to residents of the five boroughs and the ceaseless crush of tourists they love to hate. Currently, only ten kiosk locations are live across Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan -- a planned rollout to Staten Island and the Bronx is underway -- and, for any curious passersby, can be easily located by their very conspicuous signage (as seen above). So, if you're out and about the Big Apple and that 4G LTE connection's just not cutting the mustard, why not give King Mayor Bloomberg's city WiFi a try? Hit up the source below for the hotspot specifics.

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